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With the world's leading wine regions, it's always interesting to find the undiscovered ones. Nemea in Peloponnese, Greece, is a perfect example of this, with the region growing and producing some of the world's most fascinating wines. This region has rich wine-making history and has some of the most glorious, lush vineyards.
More than that, it is a friendly, hospitable region that offers some of the most intimate, informative and unforgettable tastings.

So what what makes the region so special? 


The wine

Greece has over 300 indigenous grape varieties and Nemea is most well known for one of them: the Agiorgitiko.

In Modern times, Agiorgitiko is a versatile red variety that originates wines that are medium to full-bodied with flavors of raspberry, plum, black currant and smooth tannins.
Agriorgitiko is grown by many producers of Nemea and being able to visit the different wineries and taste the different styles that this wine can be produced in, is an incredible experience. There is something unique about tasting the same variety, but with several different perspectives. 

As for the whites, the region is also producing light and fresh summer wines, from the Greek indigenous grape varieties such as Roditis, Malagouzia, Moschofilero and Kidonitsa. By sipping on these light and refreshing wines, you’re a step closer to understanding the region´s wine culture.

Most of the wines made from these varieties are difficult to be found abroad and can mainly be discovered in the wineries of Nemea. Touring these wineries and trying these native wines, allows you to fully immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions and experience things that most people are not able to. 

The producers 

The region has a range of great wine producers, with each one bringing something different to the table. One of the most beautiful things about visiting Nemea, is the hospitality that you will find in each winery. 

Most wineries in Nemea are family-owned with several generations involved. This combination of generations has allowed this region to see a great variety in winemaking styles and ideas. Considering that most of the wineries are small, family-owned businesses, you are likely to be tasting wines with the owner or their family members. The wine tastings don’t function like an industrial activity, but more like a family gathering that you can become part of.
Although it isn't a very famous wine region, Nemea has been producing wines for over three thousand years and has many, many different wineries located all over this beautiful part of the world. 

About Peloponnese

A little known fact about Peloponnese is that it has some of the country’s most beautiful scenery. The region offers some of Greece’s most beautiful beaches, a never-ending mountain range and of course, the most hospitable people you'll ever come across. So apart from experiencing some truly unique wines, you are able to admire some lasting views of mountains and beaches - just to enhance your trip to Peloponnese. 

Whether you’re touring the wineries or exploring the scenery, you are constantly surrounded by the country’s best natural beauty and ancient history. 


So whatever it is that you enjoy about wine and whether you prefer boutique wineries or exploring the region’s beauty, Nemea in the Peloponnese offers it all.  Along with some spectacular scenery, award-winning wines and long wine history, Nemea is the wine-region worth visiting.

Reasons to explore Nemea

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