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What people say about us

"Great experience and fantastic wines!

The tour guide Betty was very knowledgeable and friendly. A great day in beautiful Nemea." - 02/04/2024 - TripAdvisor Review

"Ioanna made a very special day for us in Nemea! A very kind hearted person with a passion for Greek wine. We now have a good understanding of what Greece has to offer the wine industry so now we'll be watching for some of these world class wines no matter where we are in the world. Cheers!" - 23/03/2024 - TripAdvisor Review

"I did this tour with my best friend and it amazing. The wine bars we visited were really nice and the people there mad us fell very welcome. Greek wines we tasted where a surprise we had no idea they were that good. Our guide was really fun felt really comfortable being with her and she knows so much! highly reccomended!" - 21/03/2024 - TripAdvisor Review

"We had a great time during the wine tour. Our guide knows Grrek wine really well and has a
great way of sharing her passion for it. Wine bars were really nice in the center of Athens
and the wines were really good. We reccoment it 100%." - 21/03/2024 - TripAdvisor Review

"My wife and I loved this experience. It was the best afternoon of our stay in Athens.
From the moment we met Ioanna, we felt that we had made the right choice in joining this tour.
The bars we visited were unique and the wines we tasted allowed us to discover many Greek wine regions.
We truly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to spend a great afternoon, with the best guide and the best wines." - 20/03/2024 - TripAdvisor Review

"Hi! We were very pleased with the tour. It was amazing. All three wineries were very good,
the wines were excellent! The organization of the tour is at a very high level. We also had
lunch at one of the wineries, it was very tasty! We highly recommend "Greece by the glass" - 27/02/2024 - TripAdvisor Review

"Great fun. Our guide Betty showed us 2 wineries. She was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The expirance is highly recommended for anyone remotely interested in wine. Betty connected wine, history, and landscape in what became one of our highlights on our trip.

The guide will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel, provide snacks, and tasting of wines." - 06/10/2023 - TripAdvisor Review

"Recently, we had the pleasure of attending a wine tasting tour in the beautiful region of Mantineia, and I must say that it was an unforgettable experience. What made it even more special was the presence of Betty, our knowledgeable and passionate guide.

Betty picked us up from our hotel with a warm smile and offered us a wealth of information about the local wines. Her enthusiasm for the wines of Mantineia was infectious, and it immediately set the tone for a delightful day. She effortlessly shared her knowledge on the different grape varieties, the winemaking process, and the unique characteristics of Mantineia's terroir. Her ability to articulate the intricate flavors and aromas of each wine was truly remarkable.

One aspect that stood out was Betty's ability to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. She encouraged us to ask questions, share our thoughts, and engage in lively discussions about the wines. This interactive approach made the experience not only educational but also enjoyable and memorable.." - 05/12/2023 - TripAdvisor Review

"We did a private wine tour of Nemea with Betty which included 3 wineries. Each winery had a full tour of their facilities along with nice sides to compliment the wine. At our second winery we were served trays of local dishes that was amazing. Betty could not have been any nicer and was so knowledgeable about the wines, wineries and area. She was in communication with us prior to picking us up in Nafplio and even sent pictures and an email with some other suggestions of places to visit. Do not hesitate to book a private tour!" - 1/10/2023 - TripAdvisor Review

"Amazing experience, Betty was an excellent guide full of knowledge and we had a great
time. Sampled some delicious wine and yummy food. Would highly recommend!" - 22/09/2023 - TripAdvisor Review

"I did a bit of research before choosing Greece by the Glass. We wanted a tour that visited a minimum of 3 wineries, no sight-seeing or tasting of vinegar/olive oil, etc, and it's exactly what we got! Our guide was Betty, a winemaker herself and we loved her. She was very knowledgeable and she picked us up from our hotel in Nafplio. All the wineries exceeded our expectations. My favourite was Gofas, where we were introduced to Kidonitsa, my new favourite Greek wine. The flow of the day was excellent. Lunch and all the nibbles we received at each winery were fantastic. I highly recommend this tour to all wine lovers!" - 07/09/2023 - TripAdvisor Review

"BEST WINE TOUR EVER!! I went with a friend and we were privately toured by Betty. She was so wonderful and knew SO much about wine. She made us feel so special and had so many interesting facts about wine and tips on how to best enjoy it. The wine was also delicious too, and I felt like we had a really wonderful holistic experience of the wine country in Nemea (which is underrated for its beauty and charm) and the tour itself was so organized (Shoutout Stefano!). You will 100% not regret this experience – it was wonderful and would do it again!" - 11/08/2023 - TripAdvisor Review

"We took this tour to taste Greek wines and also to visit a olive oil pressing plant. The visits were excellent - more on that later. However the best part was the friendliness and local wine knowledge of Stefano who is the owner of Greece by the Glass with his spouse and who also owns a Nemea vineyard . Lots of tour companies offer Greek wine tours where your driver is just a driver but what differentiates Greece by the Glass from the other wine tours and makes it special is that it is run by wine professionals who live in the Nemea area and who run a vineyard and who also obviously love wine.

Instead of the 3 vineyards on the standard tour we had arranged to visit 2 vineyards and an olive oil grove. They picked us up at Piraeus at our cruise ship. Unfortunately and through absolutely no fault of Greece by the Glass there was a lot of slow traffic on the drive to the olive grove and we could not get to olive oil grove even though Stefano tried his best to make it work. He scrambled and added a 3d vineyard to our tour so the problem was solved. We visited 1 very small boutique vineyard and 2 slightly vineyards. We had our choice of which wines we sampled at each of the vineyards and we liked most of the ones that we tried. The included lunch w the tour was also very good.

As it turned out Stefano felt sorry for the fact that we missed the olive grove so he presented us w a gift bottle of an excellent Greek olive oil at the end of the tour so it was a win all around.

If you are going to do a vineyard tour do it w a wine professional instead of just a driver. Greece by the Glass is very highly recommended." - 03/11/2022 - TripAdvisor Review

"Very knowledgeable, professional enologist, passionate about his wines. We took this tour after spending 10 days in Greece traveling the country side and experiencing a broad range of local wines several of which would not warrant a positive review. Stephano's tour not only introduced us to excellent Greek wines it also taught us about the growth and changes taking place in the Greek wine industry.
Our tour also included a session with "Savour Experience" which I would highly recommend including. A personal cooking 'class' where your group will prepare a FIVE star meal guided by classically trained chef Costas, the best food in our entire two weeks in Greece!" - 26/09/2022 - TripAdvisor Review

"Loved this personal tour of some of Nemea’s lovely wineries! Learned a lot, tasted a lot, ate a
lot (we did the 6 hour day with Stefano) and it was dreamy! Stefano was awesome!" - 17/09/2022 - TripAdvisor Review

"This was the first thing we did on our trip to Greece and it was well worth our while. Nemea is beautiful! Stefano was highly knowledgeable and welcoming. Each winery we visited was unique in atmosphere and flavor profile. We enjoyed all of our samples, even finding some new personal favorites. Lunch was delicious! Every aspect was fabulous...from transportation to wineries to food. This tour is highly recommended!" - 05/09/2022 - TripAdvisor Review

"Without a doubt one of the best highlights of our trip.
We did not know which winery to choose so we loved that there was an option to see multiple wineries. Now it would be easy to just select 3 but what I can't say enough about was how Stefanos brilliantly set up the tour.

We took us to 3 wineries scaling from size and production. It was an excellent way to see the diversity of winemakers in the region and the wines themselves.
Top marks go to Stefanos himself. He is very knowledgeable about the region, the wineries, the wines, the culture and industry. He communicates fluently in many languages.
He would educate us about each winery, guide us during our visits as well as leave to give my wife and I some time to ourselves.
The cost to value was a no brainer for what we experienced.
Next time I am in Greece I would not only personally visit our favourite winery (Semeli) but would go as far as to have Stefanos and his Wife craft another multiple tour for us.

I highly recommend Greece by the Glass!!!" - 28/07/2022 - TripAdvisor Review

"We had a wonderful time with Stefano. He was a wonderful guide. Seeing Nemea and the wineries was
a highlight of the trip. We learned a lot, and we had a lot of fun." - 17/06/2022 - TripAdvisor Review

"This was absolutely the best tour of our trip - and we did several! The drive out to Nemea, great
wineries and best of all, having Stefano to chat with about all things wine. We will absolutely book this
again next time we are here." - 17/06/2022 - TripAdvisor Review

"We enjoyed an exceptional tour with Stefano. He picked us up at our hotel in Nafplio and gave us a customized tour per our requests. Very knowledgeable and enjoyable guide, if you are picking a tour you can stop here! Contact them directly and they will be happy to customize an experience for your needs and tastes. The lunch he arranged for us in Nemea was also one of the best meals we have enjoyed so far. Five stars!" - 31/05/2022 - TripAdvisor Review

"This was a wonderful wine tour - the organisation and communication beforehand was considerate and prompt. The actual tour was a superb day visiting excellent wineries who all offered something a little different with respect to the experience and wines.
But the highlight was our guide: Stefano is an amazingly knowledgeable guide who gives as much information as you want, but who is also lovely to speak to about anything other than wine. He is courteous, thoughtful and friendly. Thank you!" - 27/05/2022 - TripAdvisor Review

"Stefano was knowledgeable and kind. The wineries were perfect. Nemea is beautiful. It was a
wonderful experience I would recommend to all." - 14/05/2022 - TripAdvisor Review

"Was a fantastic experience. Stefano is extremely knowledgeable and articulate about the wine and
history." - 12/05/2022 - TripAdvisor Review

"My friend and I had a day tour of visiting Nemea wineries from Athens.
Stefano picked us up from Athens and talked us through the details and history of both Greek and Nemea wines on the way.
He was very knowledgable and attentive guide.
We have visited 3 great wineries. They were all different in a good way. We could experience from small to very large wineries but all very good quality. At each winery they have took us through to their wine making process.
There were lots of nice nibbles at every winery, and the lunch was really beautiful.
We had an amazing day overall. Totally recommend this tour to anyone!" - 12/04/2022 - TripAdvisor Review

"My wife and our friend spent a day with our wonderful guide in March of 2022. We knew very little about greek wine, but after the tour all day, we knew so much more! We were able to taste wine from 3 different types of greek wine producers, from a small family to a larger commercial winery, and have a wonderful lunch with wine at the last winery. The only critique I'd provide is to notify the people on the tour that it is very difficult to find a shipment of wine back to the states. We buy ALOT of wine when we travel, and in Greece, finding wineries that will ship cases back to the states, is very difficult. Again, this isn't the guide's fault, it is simply something to know when you taste wine in Greece. Highly recommended!" - 01/04/2022 - TripAdvisor Review

"Stefano Stante was an amazing guide! Our experience was above and beyond what we expected. I
cannot say enough good things about our experience. This tour is a must for all wine lovers visiting
Greece!" - 24/02/2022 - TripAdvisor Review

"We had a Premium Nemea Wine Tour. It was a fantastic experience! We got picked up from our hotel by Stefano in his luxury car! He was telling us a lot of interesting stories about the wine making, about the Nemea region in general, professionally answered all my questions. I am a very curious one and asking lots of questions always! So Stefano was very patient with me haha) Also, he is a great photographer and made a lot of nice photos for us. We have visited 3 amazing wineries, couldn't stop ourselves from purchasing different wines from all 3! Views throughout our tour were absolutely stunning! So, I am highly recommending this tour to everyone who likes good wines and spectacular views.
Greece By The Glass is specializing in these tours and they are making sure that their customers get the unforgettable memories.
I will recommend only them to all of my friends!" - 05/12/2021 - TripAdvisor Review

Stefano was a delightful guide for our day. He found three terrific wineries (the one that served us lunch
was like a private gourmet restaurant!). We travel with wine suitcases, and we’re not disappointed- we
filled one easily. - 07/10/2021 - TripAdvisor Review

"We were picked up at our hotel in Nafplio by Stefano well in time and had a pleasant drive in his very clean car towards Nemea wine region. On the way we had a very interesting and useful explanation about especially the Greek wines, which were at the time little known to us. In Nemea we visited three different wineries from small to large. In each we had a tour guided by the winery and commented by Stefano, followed by a tasting of the representative (and always good quality) wines, accompanied by tasteful snacks and a lunch. We had the tour early in our stay in Greece and apart from being great and pleasant by itself it helped us a lot choosing wines in the restaurants to come during the rest of our holiday.
We love drinking wine and bought some bottles in the wineries - Stefano was helpful in arranging shipment to our home." - 25/10/2021 - TripAdvisor Review

"We booked a private Nemea wine tour with Greece By The Glass after much searching and research for the perfect option, and we most certainly found it in this company. Pick up from our hotel was at 9 AM - we were provided cold water (always needed in Athens). On the drive, Stefano our guide, went into great detail not only about the history of the region but about the Greek wine scene, the land, and the wines that we would experience. En route to our first winery, Stefano took us to his plot where we got to learn about (and taste) the grapes cultivated for wine and those for raisins. At the first winery we had a snack and tasting of 4 wines (all of good quality and VALUE!). At the second winery we had an extended tour that went into the science behind the process. Stefano is an oenologist and absolute expert. We have been on dozens of wine tours, but Stefano taught us so many new things! At this stop we had a divine lunch prepared by the owner of the winery (Gofas - this stop had the best wine!). Our third stop brought us to a larger winery with historical roots. The tastings were lovely there as well. On the way back we stopped at the Corinth canal which was an unexpected treat! Stefano being an oenologist set this tour apart. Not only is he a guide, but he is an absolute expert with something to teach everyone who joins his tours. I would hands-down do this tour again, and I highly recommend this experience! Get out of Athens for the day with Greece By The Glass!" - 19/08/21 - TripAdvisor Review

"Great experience with a private tour. We went to three wineries and Stefano helped us to select our tastings at each winery. Lunch was served at the second winery which was phenomenal. The lunch was outdoors down a small path to the river where a lovely picnic was set up. Stefano was great to talk to and orient us to Greek wines."

- JeneanTripAdvisor Review

"Truly an outstanding experience for anyone interested in wine or the cultural history of the Peloponnese. Stefano is a wonderful guide with fantastic connections to many of the best wineries in the Nemea region and his passion for the area comes across in the tour. Getting to taste some genuinely outstanding wine and having Stefano’s personal service makes this a must-do for anyone interested in discovering a hidden gem in the world of wine."

- Jonathan

"This wine tour was absolutely amazing. Nancy and Stefano picked us up in the morning and handled all travel and admin. Communication was superb. We visited 3 vineyards in the region that were picked according to our preferences. Each vineyard offered something different and we appreciated them all. Nancy and Stefano even handled the posting of the wines we purchased from each vineyard back to England at a very reasonable cost. There was also some time in between vineyards for some history and mythology of the region, stopping at Ancient sites including the Corinth Canal, and learning about the other produce that is grown in the area. One of the best wine tours we have been on. The Nemean scenery was simply stunning and the lunch provided was above and beyond normal restaurant quality. Make sure you pick up a bottle of the Nemean Labyrinth (red).

Magnificent." - Anna and Thomas

"THANK YOU for an incredible day in Nemea. It was truly a spectacular experience and we had a great time. It was my gift to Jason for his 50th birthday and it couldn't have been more perfect :).

I look forward to enjoying our Nemean wine in the coming months at home in Canada." - Aaron

"We held the Nemea Wine Tour 🍷 hosted by Stefano and Nancy in July 2020 shortly after the Corona-Lockdown.
It was one of our main highlights of our tour around the Peloponnese  
Stefano and Nancy are absolutely experienced and enthusiastic wine lovers.
As educated enologists they have an enormous background about all types of wine and it’s production, history and development.

Pickup from our hotel was arranged by them flexible. In Nemea Region they showed us three wineries where we were able to taste the wines we were interested in / fit to our requirements!
The tours in their production sites and wine cellars had been very informative!
In the second winery we got a delicious lunch with Greek traditional dishes - very tasty 
Aside of interesting facts about the region, Greek tradition, Greek wine history 🍷 they showed us one local archeological site and their own vineyard where we were able to see the difference in the diverse wine grapes.
The day passed by quickly and full of new impressions.
We also received a small present in the end 
We will do another tour if we come back ones. Strongly recommend!!!" - Julian

"I took advantage of my free day and wanted to do something out of the ordinary.
Nancy and Stefano are a lovely dynamic couple and very knowleadgable about wine.
The tour rolled smoothly although I was a first-timer and didn't know a thing about wine. Simple, yet sophisticated in a friendly manner. Thank you guys :)" - Maria

"My family and I have gone on numerous wine tours throughout Europe and I can honestly say that this was one of the most enjoyable. I highly recommend this experience for anyone in the Corinth, Nemea, or Nafplio area.
Stefano met us at a central spot in Nafplio. He was gracious about arranging transportation for our two small children (5 and 2 years old), and he even provided a booster seat for our older child. We visited three vineyards where we sampled some truly excellent wine and enjoyed Stefano’s explanations about the production process, history, and character of the wines.
Stefano has an encyclopedic knowledge of wine, which no doubt will satisfy even the most discerning and experienced traveling oenophile. He has extensive formal and on-the-job education in the wine industry, and we were able to discuss not only Nemean wine but also vineyards we had visited in the Veneto, the Duoro, and elsewhere.
Stefano was equally good as a guide for a family outing, helping keep an eye on the kids as we sampled our wine and patiently showing them elements of the wine production process that delighted them. He also arranged a stop at an organic raisin producer so the kids could see how they dry raisins by sun and by air, which was the highlight of the trip for our little ones.
Then there was the lunch: Stefano arranged a meal for us behind one of the vineyards where we sat at a table along the banks of a tree-lined river, eating roasted pork and sampling wine from the vineyard while our kids played and collected leaves. It was a beautiful experience and one we will remember forever.
Stefano also helped us arrange shipping for the wine we bought back to our home.


If you are looking for a top-notch wine experience in the Peloponnese, look no further." - Frank

"Thank you for a memorable experience!
Returning to my home-country I found myself babbling repeatedly about the things I learned and tasted
on this tour." - Lilly

"Thank you Nancy and Stefano for the amazing day we spent together tasting and discovering Nemea.
Everything was just perfect and even my two little girls had some fun with the activities you had
prepared for them!" - Cecilia

"I can´t recommend these guys enough! I seriously felt like family and I’m ready to move to Greece! You are in good hands with Nancy and Stefano whether you are new to wine or an expert. The 2 of them will make you feel right at home as you explore the great wines of Nemea. Don’t worry if you can’t speak Greek, between the 2 of them they have English, Greek, German, Italian, Portuguese and even a little French covered. If your interested in learning some Greek Nancy will be more then happy to help you. You will no doubt have a great experience with Greece by the glass! Tell them Nikki says hello!" - Nikki

"Stefano & Nancy were great; they were informative, knowledgeable and had an excellent understanding
of the vineyards in the area, as well as the whole wine making process! Thank you once again!" - Stavros

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