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Mantineia Wine Tour


Maximize your experience in Mantinia with wine and dining.

Mantinia is characterized by its cool climate, intense diurnal variation and high altitude.

Book now this tour and enjoy the best of the Mantinia wine tourism by visiting 2 wine producers. At each winery, you will be introduced to its history and visit the production facilities. You will taste a range of wines with different vinification methods, in order to understand the potential and versatility of Mantinia’s terroir. Finally, you will enjoy your lunch at a local restaurant, accompanied by unique local wines.

In case you would like an adjustment in the schedule, please don't hesitate to contact us. Greece By The Glass - Wine Tours will do its best for you to have an unforgettable experience.


The Mantineia Wine Tour can start either from:

  • Ancient Nemea (Ancient Nemea, Nemea Wines, Snack Bar & Souvenirs) - "from Nemea"

  • Every location within a distance of 45km from the Ancient Stadium of Nemea - "from Nafplio"

  • Kalamata - "from Kalamata"

  • Athens - "from Athens"

  • Tripoli - "from Tripoli"



Visit and wine tasting in 2 top wineries

Tasting of 8 wines

Lunch in a local restaurant

Oenologist as a guide

Bottle of water

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