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Local Produce and Wine Tasting & World Picnic Day 

18th of June is World Picnic day and we’re excited for a summer of Wine Tours. Picnics are all about creating an outdoor, al fresco dining experience designed to bring friends and family together to share food, relax and spend time together. After the past year, we’re all looking to reconnect with friends, family and spend time amongst the people we love. Most often, friends and family are brought together over food and wine in our experience, so why not celebrate friendship and family with a winery picnic in Nemea? Gather your beloved ones together and toast to the start of the Summer season.

We started Greece By The Glass – Wine Tours to share the hidden gems of winemaking through our Nemea Wine Tours. As oenologists, we know where to find, taste and experience great wine, and we share that passion for wine and winemaking by showcasing the very best viticulture Greece has to offer. For those of you holidaying in Greece, where better to picnic than a vineyard in the Mediterranean? The distinctive Greek climate, beautiful scenery and locally grown wine is a step, drive or plane ride away from your office! Try Greece by the Glass – Wine Tours for the perfect taste of all that Greek wine has to offer and a sense of hospitality unlike any other.

Perfect picnic spots


The undiscovered wine hot spot. Nemea is an ancient village in the northeastern part of the Peloponnese in Greece. Full of myths, legends and history, which we uncover during our Wine Tours, Nemea is known for its wineries and stand out ancient architecture. There are local historical and heritage focused tours also to explore before breaking the day with a spot of lunch, a picnic of local produce or alternatively, if you’re looking for a more formal dining option, there are a range of local restaurants preparing traditional Greek tasting experiences. Enjoy local food paired with local wine. Nemea is perfect for a quieter, more personal wine tasting experience, away from crowds. It truly is a hidden gem within the wine world.

Have you packed your Summer sandals, blanket and picnic basket? Be sure to bring the perfect trio for a day trip or winery visit where you’ll taste a range of wines, see the growing and winemaking process and get to see more behind the scenes of winemaking. Of course, if you’re looking for a more personally tailored experience or have something specific you’d like to explore, we’re more than happy to tailor our Wine Tours to your needs. Let us plan the travel and allow you to do the tasting!

Wine tours don’t have to be just for adults either; kids can learn so much from the vineyards too. With bright colours, greenery and lots of fresh air, kids find it exciting to discover more about how our food and drink gets made! Wine tours are fun for all the family. Our Nemea Wine Tours allow you to explore the outdoors, enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine and the fresh Greek breeze. Just leave the planning and transport to us, so you can sit back, enjoy a picnic of fresh Greek produce and relax by sipping on your Nemean wine.

Until next time,

Nancy and Stefano

Greece By The Glass – Wine Tours

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