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The Perfect Day Trip

As the world begins to re-open and travel picks up pace, we’ve had an increase in interest in our wine tours for this summer. Whether as part of your holiday or as an activity during a long weekend, a wine tour is a relaxing and romantic day trip that engages and encourages all your senses. We started Greece By The Glass – Wine Tours to share our passion for wine. As Oenologists, we’re always travelling to find new tastes to discover and enjoy, and we wanted to share Greece’s exciting wine and viticulture with others. Whether you’re a wine lover or just curious to know more about wine and the winemaking process, we’ve got a tour for you.

Greek Wines

Despite having a long-standing tradition as winemakers, it’s only over the past 10-15 years that Greek wines have had more international representation. You may have even tried some in your local authentic Greek restaurant or speciality wine store. Our Wine Tours will introduce you to winemaking, wine tasting and the gorgeous vineyard surroundings, as well as a bit of history about the vineyard areas and localised culture. If you’re new to wine and winemaking or have never been on a wine tour before, don’t worry; we’ll tailor each tour and your time with us to your needs. We offer our wine tours in English, Greek, German, Italian and Portuguese delivered by us, Nancy and Stefano.

Let the tour begin!

Whether you start your tour in Athens, Nemea, Nafplio or any other location within the Corinthia Region, we’ll whisk you away to taste unique wines at our selected vineyards. We will walk you through the winemaking process and the ways of the wineries. These locations’ beauty is often breath-taking, with vast blue skies, seas of green and fresh air - reinforcing that holiday feeling.

Local Lunch with Local Produce

We’ll explore the history and character of wines and break for a lunch of local produce. Greece, known for its grilled meats, fresh salads, olives and many other dishes, offers wonderful locally sourced products to accompany a wine tasting trip and allows you a further opportunity to soak up your surroundings. People have often said that a Wine Tour offers an opportunity for re-connection with nature in the great outdoors. Whether you’re on a solo visit, as a couple or with your family or friends, we hope that you learn something new about wine, food and Greece!

The perfect day trip allows you to get lost in another culture, new surroundings and new ideas. To go where you haven’t gone before and experience something other than your day-to-day. We’ve had some excellent feedback on our Wine Tours, and what a perfect day trip our Wine Tours have been as part of people’s visits to Greece. We hope to leave the taste and knowledge of your Wine Tour on the tip of your tongue for many years to come and wish that your newfound wine knowledge is shared with others far and wide.

Nancy & Stefano,

Greece By The Glass - Wine Tours

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