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Reasons to explore Peloponnese

Welcome to the Peloponnese wine region, where wine, is not the only amazing thing that exists.

In fact, Peloponnese is also well-known for its awesome archaeology, like Olympia and Ancient Nemea, were you can feel the same adrenaline as athletes and spectators during the very first Ancient Games, or the captivating Unesco-listed sites of Epidavrus and Mycenae, its beautiful walking paths, both close to sea and on the mountainous side, its stunning castles that once served as protection, like the ones at Ancient Corinth, Methoni and Nafplio, and its beautiful beaches, such as Voidokilia or Simos.

Its medieval towns, like Mystras and Monemvasia, its captivating caves, like in Diros where you can explore its passageways by small boats, its magical monasteries, like the beautiful sanctuaries of Elona and Sintzas near Leonido, its beautiful Mani Peninsula, where mountains drop into the sea and where history blends with the landscape and finally its luminous lakes, like Polylimnio which contains a series of green lakes where you can bath and Lake Doxa in western Corinthia.

With such an historical and territorial diversity, the wines diversity could not stay behind, and so it is. From rugged plateaus and valleys up to mountainous terrains, this area has an abundance of mesoclimates and terroirs where many native grape varieties, such as Agiorgitiko, Moschofilero, Mavrodaphne and Roditis show the great potential of this unique place.

Due to its diversity, the region is divided into 7 PDO's and 16 PGI's, making it responsible for 25% of all Greek PDO wines (PDO = Protected Denomination of Origin); turning this region into the ultimate Greek Land of Wine.

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