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The essence of the five senses: Part 1

“This wine sounds amazing!”

Have you ever wondered about how sound and music can influence your perspective about wine? While sound can give you some clues about a wine's general quality, music can completely influence the way a wine tastes.

True fact is that every wine tasting starts with...sound and the first sense which awakes at the moment that a bottle is opened, is the hearing!In the case of sparkling wines, this is especially true since everyone is always waiting for the famous “pop”.

Once the bottle is opened, the wine will be poured into your glass.

Next time you will be having a glass of sparkling, try to listen to it. A gentle fizzing shows a higher quality and more elegant wine than a rough fizzing. It's incredible how much you can already say about the wine's quality just by hearing to it.

Nobody will put the wine glass next to their ears...but if you encounter wine snobs, confuse them by using this move!!!

Now, try to imagine a still wine. Red, 2008 Agiorgitiko, great producer, 18 months in French barrel. While imagining it you might perceive aromas of ripe cherries, toast, some blackberries, some spices, a good body etc...

Now, add music to your experience and suddenly the whole wine tasting experience has changed and you start discovering new aromas that before were not even there. Your palate broadens and surprisingly, the whole wine has reached a higher plateau.

This is the power of music on a wine tasting. It changes your mood, it relaxes your senses and everything just becomes different.

Try it at home, but remember to always drink wine in moderation.

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