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Travel. Taste. Discover. Enjoy.

Specialists in providing Wine Tours in Nemea, Mantineia & Attica

We organize Wine Tours in Nemea, Mantineia & Attica

We organize tailor-made Wine Tours & Experiences

We provide Wine Tours with and without transportation

We pick-you up from Athens, Nafplio, Corinthia Region and Kalamata

Our tours are children-friendly


Authentic Wine Tours 
by Oenologists

Greece By The Glass - Wine Tours offers the most authentic Wine Tours in Nemea, Mantineia & Attica, which promise to show the finest selection of the Greek wine and viticulture.

By joining us on a Wine Tour, you choose to discover each region with Oenologists & Wine Experts who live and work with them daily. Only like this, can you observe the region from the inside out.

Our Wine Tours in Nemea, Mantineia & Attica are created both for wine lovers and people who are curious to discover new tastes and our main goal is to share all the passion and knowledge we have, with you. 

You will be amazed by the beauties of the territory, love the carefully selected wines and enjoy the day.

There is a reason if our motto is: Travel. Taste. Discover. Enjoy. 

Let's introduce our wine experts!
Oenologists | Wine Passionates | Your Tour Guides

Betty Vervainioti - oenologist and tour guide

My name is Betty, and together we will explore the wines of Nemea and Mantineia region. Growing up in the vineyards, I always felt the need to learn more about grape and wine production. As a result, I started a journey to study and produce wine in different areas of the world. After working as a traveling winemaker for a few years, I decided to return to my motherland. With more than 200 indigenous grape varieties and rich mythology, Greece has so many experiences to offer. Let’s explore them together! ​​

"The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it."

Rudvard Kipling

Ioanna Papaioannou - tour guide, organizer of Greek Wine Events and wine sales specialist

Hello, I'm Ioanna, your guide for the Attica tour. Growing up in my father's vineyard, I developed a deep passion for working, exploring, and learning about Greek Wine. With many years of experience in the wine industry, my ultimate goal is to elevate Greek wine to the recognition it deserves. Join me for an unforgettable experience in Attica, where I will share the hidden secrets of this region and the world of Greek wine. Don't miss the opportunity to taste Retsina, a must-try wine during our tour.

"Where there is no wine there is no love."

Euripides - Greek tragedian


what our beloved guests say about us!

"Your search for a private wine tour ends here - BOOK GREECE BY THE GLASS!"

- Jennifer through Viator

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